Staunton Neighborhoods: a Town within a Town

Posted on Apr 13, 2015

This season’s Preservation Brown Bag Series focuses on Staunton’s neighborhoods: where are they, what anchors them, and how we support their presence into the future.  April’s Brown Bag featured landscape architect Amy R. Arnold’s presentation “Staunton Neighborhoods: a Town within a Town”.  The talk included an overview of formerly independent communities absorbed into the city limits at particular points in Staunton’s history: a town within a town.  Two communities introduced during this session were Plunkettville to the west of central Staunton and the post-Civil War historic African American Community of Uniontown to the east.

Watch for updates on upcoming Brown Bag events highlighting Staunton neighborhoods!

Staunton Neighborhoods: a Town within a Town from HistoricStauntonFoundation